I was already taking Zumba classes before. I thought that those classes were already pretty good, but I didn't really know how much more fun Zumba can be until the "FITSQUAD LA EXPERIENCE." WOW - these ladies definitely take Zumba to whole 'nother level. Its been over a year since my first class with Fitsquad and it's never boring? & always FUN! It doesn't feel like working out. Needless to say, I'm a fan. And here's the icing on the cake - I've been able to get rid of 15 pounds and I'm having a blast keeping it off - thanks to Fitsquad! YOU LADIES ROCK!

Alicia Casapao

"Fit Squad is absolutely awesome, inspiring, motivating, and adorable!!!!"

Janett Glasgow-Richardi

"I LOVE Zumba!!!"

Fitsquad LA is an amazing program. I was so excited the first time I tried Zumba over a year ago and the excitement hasn't stopped. Each time I go to class I have a BLAST and I get a GREAT workout! It is a challenge every time and I leave dripping with sweat. The instructors are full of energy, positivity, and encouragement. People of all ages with different workout goals come to class. Some people even bring their friends and family for the fun, but if you come alone you are guaranteed to make some friends. It is a healthy environment where everybody is welcoming and supportive. There are classes everyday of the week at several locations so there is no excuse to not join in on the FUN!!!


Jessica Laskey

Livin Life & Lovin Zumba

My name is Nancy. I'm 32 years old and a mother of one. About 1 year ago I was depressed, withdrawn and I had no self-esteem. All this contributed to the fact that I was overweight. I knew I had to make a change but didn't know where to start, one day I walked into a women's gym and wanted to join, I stepped on the scale for the first time in years and my heart sunk as I looked at the numbers that were staring at me, how did I let me self go for so long I don't know, but there it was 245lbs. About a week after I had joined the gym and was absolutely lost as to what machine I was supposed to do and for how long, I watched these ladies dancing to some really cool songs laughing and having a good time I asked what it was and they answered Zumba, my first thought was I could never move like that I'm too heavy but it looked so fun and different so I gave it a try. From that day on I was hooked! Day by day week by week I began to see results. One hr a day of Zumba combined with healthy eating habits I had shed 60lbs in 6 months!

Nancy C.

"Had an amazing time at the Zumba Master's Class. LOVE you guys."


What's a word to describe perfection? Fitsquad LA! I am a person who has always been "allergic" to exercise and for the past 10 years through a healthy diet was able to control a healthy weight, however age has taken its toll and now diet isn't enough and the weight started to stay on. It was time to step it up and slowly introduce myself into the fitness world. I googled zumba in the SF Valley and luckily fitsquad LA came up and after one class...slowly went out the window and that's where my love for this great group of ladies began. Camille, Gail and Madison are 3 strong and charismatic girls that make these classes one of a kind. Classes are geared to everyone - from beginners to old timers, from young people to our wonderful seniors. Everyone feels welcomed and a part of the fun! It's funny, I never would have thought of myself as someone who would EVER get addicted to exercise, no way, not this girl...but fitsquad LA has made the art of fitness into a party (and who doesn't love a party?). I find myself counting the days till my next class and leave each one feeling stronger than the one before. I HIGHLY recommend this trio, they will not disappoint!


Holly B.

I love Fitsquad LA - even though I live in Sacramento. I make it a point to come to your class whenever I'm in town because your Zumba classes are FUN. Love the choreography, the music, and the instructors. Honestly have not found a Zumba workout like yours - and believe me, I've been looking. Thanks ladies!"

Rowena Nolasco

A year ago I weighed 148 lbs, unhappy about how I look & not able to wear the clothes that I want to wear. Everything else changed after I found a gym close to our house with Zumba classes taught by FITSQUAD LA.I was hesitant at first to go to the class since I didn't know anybody & didn't really know how to dance. I thought to myself, why not try? I'm not getting any younger & who cares if I can't dance? so I decided to join them. I finished a whole hour of heart pumping , energy filled dance fitness class! I was so happy to take that first step.FSLA's instructors Camille, Gail & Madison are Friendly, Full of Talent, Energy & Enthusiasm. I now weigh 122 lbs & still love to do Zumba with FITSQUAD LA!!!

Thank You Camille, Madison & Gail. You Ladies ROCK!

Sharon A.

Fitsquad LA is an amazing Modern Clique that transform my well being of meeting my healthy fitness goal thru ZUMBA empowering my life to a level of great edge. The team are incredibly awesome friendly and goal oriented, established friendship and able to develop skills to be more confident to stay safely focus. So if you need a kick of motivation to stay focus in your staying fit, you can sign up for that too. The Fitsquad LA is very welcoming and cheerful. My greatest attainment is being part of a highly recommended fitness professional with in the valley.. Visit and join us for fun to love yourself in staying physically and emotionally if fullfilling moment... I love the Fit Squad LA...this is the most Significant Human Experienced I've ever had...Kudos to all the terrific instructors of Fitsquad LA!!

Gemma Espinoza

LOVE..LOVE..LOVE...those 3 ladies!!! Camille, Gail and Madison of FITSQUAD LA their full of energy, their fun they make each Zumba classes always the best. I've been doing Zumba classes with them for 1 year and im telling you guys it always makes me feel a new person after coz i sweat, dance, exercise, had fun, stress released, it's ALL in ONE when you do Zumba! I started 180lbs its my Docor's advise to loose some pounds coz im on my way to our family history- Diabetes! And i lost 25lbs doing consistent zumba 4 times a week with the right diet for 5months. Im 155lbs still trying to loose more and just 2weeks ago i had my blood test done and still clear with diabetes. My Doctor said whatever you're doing its helping you just continue doing it. You know what that means? This mean I really have to include Zumba in my everyday meal!! I love zumba and i love Fitsquad LA!! Can't wait for the opening!! Love you ladies!! Two thumbs up!! ;)

Glenda N.

I hate exercise! I tried all sorts of exercise: walking, treadmill and aerobics videos. It seems so boring for me. Until I start to join a local gym. The gym that I attend has a Zumba classes. At that times, I knew nothing about Zumba. I would run out of breath and energy within 15 minutes and would drag the rest of the hour of class. But I never gave up. Now I can do an hour of Zumba class and my body still wants more. Zumba isn't boring and it's fun. Since starting Zumba, I have lost 10 pounds and now I'm wearing size 2. The best thing about Zumba is that I smile all the way through the class and after. It makes me feel good about myself. I consider myself lucky to have found Zumba fitness. Gail, Madison and Camille of FITSQUAD LA are a wonderful instructor. I enjoy doing Zumba classes so much. Zumba has become an addiction.

Josie C.

I absolutely love fitsquad la- i am what you would call a workout addict- i run, play volleyball, go to the gym- you name it so I was looking to change up my workouts but still get a challenge and i found it with Zumba. Camille's classes are amazing, she makes you sweat like crazy and challenges me every class and I always know I am going to have fun but still get a good workout when I go to a class with super spunky Madison. I wasn't even trying to lose weight or get into better shape but from doing zumba with fitsquda for a year and a half I have lost weight, dropped an entire pants size and now when I go running I find I can push myself farther. I also had two left feet when i started- I could barely do a simple salsa, but now i can do all sorts of dance moves I never thought possible!

The great thing about zumba is that you can just be yourself- I always forget about whatever stresses I have in my work life and personal life and just let the music take over. I am the crazy girl in the front row who is always jumping the highest and "zooming" across the room but I know I can do it without judgement and embarassment. If you are looking for a zumba workout that is fun, challenging, and has great routines then find fitsquad is the right choice!!! I look forward to my zumba classes every week!

Dani L.

From a girl who never exercised to a girl who can't get enough and is fantastically addicted, I have to say that I owe it all to Fitsquad La! There are no other Fitness instructors who have such a vivacious and enthusiastically contagious energy in teaching and being personally invested in their clients. They have an at ease, passionate and "family feel" environment which makes Zumba such a never-ending blast to be a part of!

A year ago, I was a completely different person than who I am now. I never exercised, was totally inactive, and ate junk food. I didn't even know where to begin but what I did know was that I needed a change. I refused to gain more weight than the number I saw on the scale. I joined a small woman's gym in May of 2011 where I received my first life-altering Zumba class, and found my hook! I felt awkward at first but the fun and enthusiastic energy kept me craving more and motivated me to refine and improve my skills. Each routine reinforced the steps, and before I knew it, I was mastering the routines and loving every class more and more! The fabulous instructors made it such a blast and their positive energy was infectious! Each of them has their own unique style but every class is phenomenal. Needless to say, I started to shed the weight and I am now twenty-two pounds lighter! My confidence has soared, my energy has skyrocketed, I can jump higher and can now I say I am proud to stand in the front row at Zumba class. It's important to stick with it in the beginning to see results even if you don't get it at first. Fitsquad LA instructors will get you there smiling on an amazing, spectacular journey that will change your life in the most incredible way- just like they did mine! There is NO zumba like FITSQUAD zumba!!!

Talia R.